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Marion’s latest agitator design for horizontal mixers streamlines production timelines

Marion's latest agitator design for horizontal mixers streamlines production timelines horizontal mixers, lead times, Marion, new agitator design Food and Beverage Business

Marion Process Solutions, a leading brand in the Advanced Material Processing (AMP) industry, has unveiled a new agitator design for its 30-inch diameter and smaller horizontal mixers.

This release offers customers not only a significant two-week reduction in lead times but also up to 10% savings on the purchase price. The new plated paddle agitators, made from a single piece of stainless steel, reduce welding requirements and provide operators with low-maintenance cleanability.

In addition, integrated placement hole design allows for the attachment of additional arms, shortening the length of the paddles to improve mixing efficiency. This tailored design is specifically suited for shear-sensitive materials and challenging-to-mix substances with diverse densities, making these horizontal mixers perfect for a wide range of industries, including food processing.

Tom Finnegan, director of sales at AMP/AHS, emphasized the significance of this innovation in the industrial processing sector. “Our new paddle design makes it easier for our customers to accelerate the development cycle and swiftly refine their process so they can bring high-quality products to market faster and maintain their edge in an ever-evolving landscape,” he said.