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Marel transforms the humble potato into a star of convenient meal options

Marel transforms the humble potato into a star of convenient meal options convenience foods, key player, Marel, Potato Food and Beverage Business

Marel is a pioneering company in the food manufacturing industry, offering innovative equipment and processing expertise to assist potato processors in diversifying their product portfolios and capitalizing on market opportunities. As the potato industry undergoes rapid transformation, driven by a global shift from fresh potato consumption to processed, value-added products, Marel emphasizes the importance of embracing the latest food production solutions.

According to Marel, the increasing demand for potato specialty products presents unprecedented opportunities for potato processors. To optimize the value of raw materials, Marel suggests repurposing waste raw material from primary products and transforming them into secondary offerings. This approach allows for the creation of a wide variety of high-quality potato specialty products, from traditional favorites like Pommes Duchesses and croquettes to unique choices such as potato donuts, waffles, and various regional specialties.

“Marel has a history of transferring the technology it has developed for one protein industry to another. We are excited to be using our proven technology to innovate and create potato specialty products together with our customers,” notes Ger Stans, industry sales manager at Marel.

Marel facilitates collaborative innovation with potato processors through global demo centers, where hands-on work, experimentation, and expert advice can take place. Additionally, Marel is collaborating on a significant project with Flanders’ FOOD, an innovation platform for the Flemish agri-food industry and ILVO, to address diverse agri-food challenges in Western Europe. Together, they have created the Food Pilot plant, a strategic hub that supports companies in product development, process optimization, and technical production issue resolution.

“The availability of these frying and baking installations will challenge our potato and vegetable processors to push their boundaries as well,” adds Inge Arents, Flanders’ FOOD.

In January 2024, a new frying line for sustainable production of fried potatoes, plant-based products, vegetables, meat, and fish was opened at the Food Pilot plant. Ghent University also supports the initiative, and Marel supplies cutting-edge frying equipment as a key contributor. This initiative aims to push potato and vegetable processors to explore new opportunities within the industry.

Transitioning collaborations and innovation, such as the one between Marel and Flanders’ FOOD, are crucial for the ongoing development and growth of the food manufacturing industry. Marel’s dedication to technological advancements and customer collaboration is a testament to their commitment to driving progress within the industry.

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