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Lutetia tumblers provide functions for defrosting, curing, marinating, drying, and smoking

Lutetia tumblers provide functions for defrosting, curing, marinating, drying, and smoking curing, defrosting, deliver, drying, Lutetia, marinating, smoking, tumblers Food and Beverage Business Lutetia

Lutetia has developed patented technology utilizing straight injection of smoke into the tumbler with or without drying function of the meat type. This innovative technology, owned by Provisur Technologies, under the Lutetia brand, provides the perfect application for optimal smoke penetration, allowing customers to achieve products tailored to their preferences and needs. By minimizing cycle times, enhancing product quality, and maximizing throughput, Lutetia’s technology stands out in the food manufacturing industry.

Renowned for their patented tumbler processes with cold steam and chamber processes with cold convection, Lutetia systems have been proven to improve quality and yield of defrosting. The Proactivation technology for Lutetia tumblers is particularly effective for curing and developing clean label products, offering a solution for customers looking to create high-quality goods efficiently.

Tempering meat products often involves a lengthy process resulting in liquid loss and reduced protein content. However, Lutetia equipment combats these issues with innovative technologies that prevent meat drip loss. Through steam injection under vacuum in the rotating drum of the tumbler, frozen meat is defrosted while retaining its juicy water and protein content, ultimately reducing weight loss by up to 10% and enhancing product safety.

In addition to defrosting in the tumbler, Lutetia has introduced a new technology for defrosting in the chamber, specifically designed for delicate products such as fish, chicken, beef, pork, pork loin, and lamb. This technology, which combines high airflow, saturated humidity, and convection-based technology, is ideal for products that require a fresh appearance post-defrosting.

Lutetia’s smoking solutions include the use of cooking chambers to cook and smoke products traditionally, offering a wide range of capacity and smoke generator types. Provisur’s Proactivation technology remains a game-changer for cured meat and dry products, delivering high-quality results in a shorter timeframe compared to conventional methods.

Philippe Longo, commercial director at Provisur Technologies, emphasizes the continuous innovation of new technologies within the company, stating, “Thanks to the extensive know-how we’ve gathered throughout the years, we are continually ‘Pushing Boundaries’ with innovating and patenting new technologies. All our processes are designed to maximize throughput and improve product quality, ensuring customers benefit from faster, safer, and more economical processes that result in excellent meat quality.”

Overall, Lutetia’s cutting-edge technologies offer a competitive edge in the food manufacturing industry, delivering efficient solutions for high-quality products tailored to customer needs.

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