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Ishida’s Advanced X-Ray Inspection System Wins Best Food Safety Innovation Award in Industry Excellence Awards

Ishida’s Advanced X-Ray Inspection System Wins Best Food Safety Innovation Award in Industry Excellence Awards events, food and drink packaging, food and drink sustainable packaging, Food packaging, Machinery Food and Beverage Business

In an industry where quality control is of utmost importance, Ishida’s newly launched IX-PD X-ray inspection system has been recognized for its excellence. The system has been named Best Food Safety Innovation at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards.

Food manufacturers and processors face increasing pressures to maintain high standards of quality and safety while also maximizing efficiency. With the rise of social media and stricter retailer standards, the need for effective quality control systems has never been greater.

The Ishida IX-PD offers a solution to these challenges with its advanced sensor and image processing technology. This technology provides the highest level of detection sensitivity, resulting in clearer and ultra-high resolution images compared to traditional X-ray systems.

The system has demonstrated close to 100% detection rates for foreign bodies such as bones in products like chicken, diced meat, and sausages. This represents a significant improvement compared to existing X-ray technologies.

By minimizing the need for manual inspections and reducing the rate of detection errors, the IX-PD allows companies to maintain stringent quality control procedures without compromising on throughput rates.

Dominika Puszczynska, Product Manager for X-ray Inspection System of Ishida Europe, emphasized the importance of the IX-PD in maintaining the image and reputation of food manufacturers. “The IX-PD was therefore developed to offer businesses the best sensitivity and complete confidence in the effectiveness of their quality control procedures,” she said.

With its exceptional detection capabilities, the IX-PD sets a new standard in X-ray inspection technology. Its recognition at the Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards is a testament to its impact on the food industry.

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