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Innovative KMC Centre Aims to Increase Production of Plant-Based Ingredients

Innovative KMC Centre Aims to Increase Production of Plant-Based Ingredients innovation centre", KMC, plant-based ingredients, production Food and Beverage Business

KMC inaugurated a new 5,000-square-meter innovation center dedicated to supplying ingredients for the future of plant-based foods. With an investment of DKK 100 million (€13.4m), the company has doubled its innovation capacity, solidifying its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of potato-based ingredients.

The company’s remarkable sales of DKK 3.4 billion (€456m) in 2023 and positive outlook for the coming year underscore a strong belief in the potential of plant-based solutions in the food industry. The 600-700 potato-grower owners are optimistic about their investment in the Innovation Center, recognizing its significance in driving innovation.

“The plant-based agenda is rapidly expanding, and KMC is poised to provide sustainable plant-based solutions to the food industry. Our new Innovation Center is pivotal in this strategy and will establish a Danish stronghold in bio-solutions and future plant-based foods,” states Jesper Burgaard, CEO of KMC.

KMC exports its products to over 90 countries, and the new Innovation Center will facilitate collaborative developments with customers in cutting-edge facilities. This will enable KMC’s specialists to offer expert advice on how their ingredients can enhance products.

The company’s focus on extracting starch, fibers, and proteins from potatoes is essential to a variety of foods like noodles, bread, chips/snacks, and plant-based cheeses and dressings. KMC aims to substitute animal ingredients with plant-based alternatives as part of its sustainability commitment.

“Due to its low climate footprint and high caloric yield per hectare, the potato is a valuable resource. Therefore, KMC’s work is integral in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions through Danish technologies,” explains Jesper Burgaard.

The expanded space will allow KMC to centralize its development department, promoting knowledge sharing and facilitating the hiring of additional experts to meet the growing demand for specialized knowledge about potatoes and their applications.

With this new Innovation Center, KMC is positioned to lead the way in food manufacturing, offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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