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GEA expands and upgrades Parma site to elevate homogenization standards

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GEA has officially opened a newly expanded and updated homogeniser production facility in Parma, Italy. This investment is a direct response to increased demand in sectors such as food and biotech, and will allow for a potential 50% increase in production capacity. The revamped site boasts advanced testing capabilities and additional assembly areas that are set to streamline delivery times. Furthermore, GEA Parma’s new facility emphasizes sustainability by incorporating environmentally friendly practices, including the use of photovoltaic panels, water reuse systems, and innovative air conditioning technology.

Domenico Gambarelli, senior vice president of the GEA Homogeniser business unit, highlighted the significance of this investment, stating, “This investment marks a significant leap forward for GEA’s homogeniser business, combining enhanced efficiency with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. It underlines the importance of GEA’s historic site in Parma, drawing on over 75 years’ experience and making it one of the world’s key centers for research and innovation in homogenization. With this strategic upgrade, we are proud to continue the success story together with our dedicated employees.”

The centerpiece of the expansion is a brand-new 4,000 square-meter production unit. This new unit also features a dedicated testing area equipped with state-of-the-art test bays for conducting factory acceptance tests (FAT) in the presence of customers.

Alberto Pisseri, GEA vice president of finance and supply chain & production in Parma, emphasized the practical benefits of the expansion, stating, “In practical terms, it is about breaking free from the concept of a fixed workstation and considering spaces according to the purposes and needs of the moment. Depending on the task, you can choose between individual or collaborative, and formal or informal environments for planning or exchanging information. This breaks up the routine, making the hours spent in the office enjoyable, dynamic and productive.”

The modernized and expanded site is a significant step forward for GEA’s homogenizer business and demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability.