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“Fischer Farms Presents Revolutionary Food Production Overhaul to DEFRA Secretary”

"Fischer Farms Presents Revolutionary Food Production Overhaul to DEFRA Secretary" DEFRA Secretary, Fischer Farms, food production, Overhaul, revolutionary Food and Beverage Business

Fischer Farms, a leading name in food manufacturing and the firm behind one of the world’s largest vertical farms, recently hosted the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at its new facility in Norwich.

During the visit, Defra Secretary Steve Barclay, along with Norfolk County Council leader Kay Mason Billig, CEO of Norfolk County Council Tom McCabe, and director of growth and investment Norfolk County Council Chris Starkie, were given a tour of Fischer Farms’ state-of-the-art 25,000m² vertical farm at Food Enterprise Park. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the agricultural innovation taking place in the Norfolk area, led by Fischer Farms.

Founder and CEO Tristan Fischer discussed the company’s approach to revolutionizing the food production process and the role that vertical farming can play in enhancing food security by creating a more resilient and sustainable supply chain. The team learned about the custom-built technology used at Fischer Farms, which is currently being used to grow and harvest leafy greens without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. They also discussed the sustainable nature of Fischer Farms’ production methods, which use significantly less water and land than traditional farming methods.

Tristan Fischer also shared his ambitious growth plans, which include scaling up to grow a wider range of crops, including soft fruits and high-calorie staples such as rice, soy, peas, and wheat.

During the tour, discussions were held regarding how Fischer Farms and the Government could collaborate to accelerate food production in the UK. This includes the need for greater support for planning applications linked to renewable energy and developing a set of accreditation standards, preferably introducing regulations to certify its produce as organic.

Tristan Fischer noted the Norfolk area as a real hub for agricultural innovation and highlighted the potential for similar ventures in other parts of the UK.

Steve Barclay, Environment Secretary, expressed his belief in the potential of technology to help grow food in a more efficient and sustainable way, citing Fischer Farms as a brilliant example of this.

Kay Mason Billig, leader of Norfolk County Council, emphasized the innovative and technologically driven new ways of growing and processing crops in Norfolk, stating that the county is one of the leading agri-food locations in the country.

In conclusion, Tristan Fischer, founder, and CEO of Fischer Farms, expressed his pleasure in welcoming the visitors and discussing the opportunity for the industry to support the agricultural sector as it moves towards a more sustainable and productive future.

(Source: Adapted from Agri-Tech Innovator Fischer Farms Hosts Visit from Environment Secretary)

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