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Fam Stumabo Scalibur: The Ultimate Solution for Perfectly Sliced and Cracked Potatoes

Fam Stumabo Scalibur: The Ultimate Solution for Perfectly Sliced and Cracked Potatoes Cracking, cut quality, Fam, potatoes, Scalibur, smoother slices, Stumabo Food and Beverage Business Fam Stumabo Scalibur

Fam Stumabo has recently unveiled an innovative potato slicer that is said to be both revolutionary and unrivalled in the world of food manufacturing. The Scalibur potato slicer features dual rotation technology, with both the cutting head and impeller rotating for precise and gentle cutting.

In contrast to traditional methods where potatoes are pushed against a static knife, the Scalibur’s rotating blade slices through the potato at a slower speed, minimizing impact damage to the potato’s cell structure. Equipped with powerful dual stainless steel motors and variable frequency drives, the slicer allows for fine-tuned speed adjustments.

The Scalibur is versatile and can be used with various types of chips, making it an ideal tool for potato chip production as well as vegetable chips like carrots, beetroot, and sweet potatoes. With interchangeable cutting heads, the Scalibur can produce flat, crinkle, or V-cut slices or sticks in different dimensions.

Operating the unit is simple: potatoes are fed through an infeed chute and enter the rotating impeller and cutting head. The speed between these components can be adjusted via the touchscreen interface, allowing for efficient slicing and minimal downtime. The patented DualStage impeller ensures a clean and precise cut while protecting the potatoes from impact.

Fam Stumabo highlights the benefits of the Scalibur, including superior cut quality with reduced impact damage and smoother slices, increased yield with less starch loss, optimized process control with Smart Slicing technology, cost savings from decreased parts consumption, and compatibility with industry-proven slicing heads.

In conclusion, Fam Stumabo’s Scalibur potato slicer offers a game-changing solution for food manufacturers looking to improve their cutting process. With its advanced technology and superior cut quality, the Scalibur is a must-have tool for efficient and precise potato slicing operations.

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