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Efficient and Easy-to-Clean Vacuum Pump, Designed for Processing with Maximum Power

Efficient and Easy-to-Clean Vacuum Pump, Designed for Processing with Maximum Power easy to clean, energy efficient, Powerful, Processing, vacuum pump Food and Beverage Business

Leybold, a renowned vacuum specialist, has expanded its Clawvac dry claw vacuum pump series with the addition of the Clawvac CP B model. This new rough vacuum pump is specifically designed for the food processing, materials handling, and environmental industries, offering robust, durable, and reliable performance.

The Clawvac B stands out for its precise and trouble-free operation, even under harsh conditions involving particles, vapours, and contaminated gases. Its functional design features a pair of stainless steel claws that rotate in the cylinder with no contact or wear, ensuring efficient operation. The pump’s coated and corrosion-resistant vacuum chamber is easy to clean, enhancing its durability.

Tanvi Hulawale, product manager for rough vacuum at Leybold, Cologne, highlights the unique features of the Clawvac B, stating, “We’ve designed this pump with a separate gearbox to prevent oil contamination of the processes. The cooling system also contributes to extended operating times.” The pump’s modular design allows end customers to easily dismantle and clean the scoop chamber and silencer themselves, without external assistance. It also facilitates quick replacement of individual parts as needed, reducing downtime and ensuring long service intervals.

Furthermore, the Clawvac B can be equipped with various accessories such as flushing kits, liquid separators, and inlet filters to enhance its performance in different applications. Flushing kits assist in cleaning the pump with external agents, while a liquid separator is ideal for applications with high water content. Inlet filters prevent pump damage from debris and dust, offering customers a convenient “all in one” solution for direct installation on the pump.

In conclusion, Leybold’s Clawvac B is a reliable and efficient vacuum pump tailored for the food manufacturing industry, offering high performance, durability, and ease of maintenance for a wide range of applications.

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