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Continuous Mixer from Ajax Equipment Boosts Cereal Bar Production in Mexico

Continuous Mixer from Ajax Equipment Boosts Cereal Bar Production in Mexico Ajax Equipment, cereal bar production, continuous mixer, Mexico Food and Beverage Business Ajax Equipment,Continuous mixer

Ajax Equipment recently supplied a stainless steel twin screw mixer to a leading food product manufacturer in order to enhance the production of cereal bars. The mixer, equipped with ribbon augers, ensures thorough mixing of ingredients while maintaining a homogeneous mix throughout. By circulating hot water through the augers and jacket, the mixer helps to regulate and preserve the temperature of the ingredients.

According to Lewis Shaw, technical sales engineer at Ajax Equipment, the company has prioritized hygiene standards in food processing for over 50 years. He emphasizes that the design of the mixer, including features such as a customized casing profile to prevent material buildup, a mirror polish finish, and quick release screws, facilitates easy cleaning and results in a top-quality product.

In the realm of food manufacturing, where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount, Ajax Equipment’s continuous mixer stands out for its ability to meet these demands. With a focus on hygienic processing and optimal mixing capabilities, the mixer plays a crucial role in ensuring the production of high-quality cereal bars.

For more information on Ajax Equipment and their range of mixing solutions, visit their website.

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