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Advancements by JBT result in revolutionary spiral oven cooking technology

Advancements by JBT result in revolutionary spiral oven cooking technology advancements, cooking technology, groundbreaking, JBT, spiral oven Food and Beverage Business

JBT has announced the release of the new and improved Stein TwinDrum ProYield 600 Spiral Oven, which promises to revolutionize food processing standards globally.

The technology solutions provider boasts that the equipment is equipped with patented double-impact airflow technology that ensures even cooking and consistent temperature distribution across the conveyor belt. This, in turn, results in exceptional product quality, yield, and energy efficiency.

Notably, the ProYield advances spiral oven design by enhancing airflow consistency across the machine, allowing for effective cooking at lower temperatures. This leads to an estimated increase in yield of up to 7% for roasted and cooked food products while also facilitating a 5% reduction in energy use. Furthermore, the oven’s versatility extends to cooking burgers, breaded products, pork, seafood, and more.

The ProYield’s superiority lies in its patented double-impact airflow technology, which guarantees superior heat and color distribution thanks to advancements in computer fluid dynamics and the addition of an air equalizer to ensure perfect air delivery.

By minimizing internal temperature variations across the TwinDrum’s conveyor belt, the ProYield ensures consistent cooking and product color while preserving moisture. This pioneering technology also minimizes the risk of overcooking and weight loss.

JBT’s lead engineer, Teddy Svensson, explained the challenges in achieving even temperature distribution across a conveyor belt and the subsequent improvements made to the ProYield’s design to address this issue.

Ultimately, the Stein TwinDrum ProYield Spiral Oven is a game-changer in the food manufacturing industry, offering superior processing yield, consistent cooking, and energy efficiency. It can be seamlessly integrated with other JBT products to form complete in-line processing solutions, including coating and frying equipment and chilling and freezing systems from the Frigoscandia range.

For those interested in experiencing the benefits of this revolutionary oven, the Stein TwinDrum ProYield can be tested at JBT’s Food Technology Centre in Helsingborg, Sweden.

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