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Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Minimize Waste with Tetra Pak’s Industrial Protein Mixer

Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Minimize Waste with Tetra Pak's Industrial Protein Mixer industrial protein mixer, maximise efficiency, Minimise waste, Tetra Pak Food and Beverage Business

Tetra Pak’s Industrial Protein Mixer is a cutting-edge solution designed to assist food and beverage manufacturers in efficiently producing high-quality protein beverages. This mixer not only streamlines production processes but also helps companies meet the increasing consumer demand for protein-rich products.

Traditional mixing methods in liquid food production often encounter challenges such as air entrapment and foaming, resulting in product loss. Foaming alone can cost an estimated €276,400 annually in typical food and beverage production scenarios. The Tetra Pak Industrial Protein Mixer is a crucial technological advancement for F&B manufacturers looking to reduce total cost of ownership, enhance margins, and improve product quality.

In a typical production scenario, based on on-site experience with customers’ protein powder processing, significant savings can be achieved. These savings include foam overflow costs, increased burn-on during heat treatment, higher cleaning downtime costs, and elevated maintenance expenses.

The Tetra Pak Industrial Protein Mixer effectively addresses foaming issues through a sophisticated design and multi-step process that minimizes air ingress and utilizes advanced automation to optimize the mixing procedure. This results in a foam-free mixing process that reduces product loss and enhances downstream operations, leading to decreased downtime for cleaning and equipment maintenance.

Additionally, foaming causes oxidation, reducing shelf life and often requiring the addition of de-foaming agents. With the Tetra Pak Industrial Protein Mixer, these additives are unnecessary, resulting in a product with fewer additives, reduced nutrient oxidation, and longer shelf life.

With a growing interest in health among consumers and the global market for active nutrition products expected to reach €80 billion by 2030, protein-enriched food products are in high demand. Tetra Pak’s Industrial Protein Mixer is poised to help F&B manufacturers capitalize on this lucrative market, catering to current demands and emerging opportunities.

The mixer is versatile, able to handle a wide range of industrial applications, from whey powders to plant-based and fermentation-derived proteins. Its capacity to manage production varying from small trial batches to large-scale outputs of up to 50,000 liters per hour ensures both adaptability and efficiency.

Fiona Liebehenz, vice president of key components, plant solutions, and channel management at Tetra Pak, highlights the collaborative effort that led to the development of the Industrial Protein Mixer. She emphasizes the commitment to solving customer challenges by delivering innovative solutions that enhance productivity and profitability.

In conclusion, Tetra Pak’s Industrial Protein Mixer is a game-changer in the food and beverage industry, providing manufacturers with a competitive edge in meeting consumer demands and tapping into new markets for continued growth.

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