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VFC Transforms into Vegan Food Group

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In 2023, the plant-based meat industry saw some setbacks, with Beyond Meat’s share price falling and several businesses going into administration. Despite this, UK-based plant-based brand VFC, now rebranded as Vegan Food Group, is aiming for growth through strategic acquisitions in the food and beverage industry. With a focus on expanding globally, VFG has acquired companies like Meatless Farm and Clive’s Purely Plants, signaling a desire to grow its network.

VFC co-founder Matthew Glover expressed the company’s plans for organic and acquisition-based growth, with an eye toward international expansion. As VFG’s Chief Mission Officer, Glover will play a crucial role in shaping the brand’s overall direction and navigating potential opportunities for the company’s expansion.

As VFG aims to become a leading player in the food and beverage industry, Glover has high ambitions for the company, envisioning it as a ‘vegan Unilever.’ While VFG’s primary focus is currently on food, there are potential opportunities for expansion into other sectors such as cosmetics and materials in the future.

The rebranding of VFC to Vegan Food Group underscores its commitment to growth and strategic positioning within the food and beverage industry. By leveraging successful acquisitions and focusing on international expansion, VFG is poised to make a significant impact in the plant-based food market.

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