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Unilever’s push for reformulation in ice cream industry

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Unilever has recently announced its intention to reformulate its ice cream products, encouraging other manufacturers to follow suit in order to achieve more energy-efficient freezer cabinets in the food and beverage industry. This move aligns with the current food and beverage industry trends and food and drink sustainability efforts, reflecting Unilever’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Unilever plans to raise the temperature of its freezers from -18˚C to -12˚C, allowing the company to move towards more energy-efficient freezer cabinets globally. This initiative falls in line with food and drink industry innovation and food and beverage industry trends geared towards reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability.

Having pledged to become net zero across its own value chain by 2039, Unilever is making strides towards a more sustainable future in food manufacturing, acknowledging the need for the food and drink industry to adapt and evolve in response to increasing environmental concerns and food and drink consumer trends.

Unilever is granting a free non-exclusive license to 12 reformulation patents in the hopes of encouraging reformulation efforts across the ice cream industry. This focus on food and drink packaging and food and drink marketing reflects Unilever’s proactive approach towards promoting sustainable practices and innovation in food processing technology.

By sharing the reformulation patents and collaborating with the industry, Unilever aims to reduce the ice cream cold chain’s impact on the environment while continuing to deliver high-quality products to consumers. This initiative aligns with food and drink regulations and food distribution trends, demonstrating Unilever’s vision for a more sustainable and efficient future in the food and beverage industry.

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