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Unilever’s inaugural AI lab will specialize in predicting trends and generating insights

Unilever's inaugural AI lab will specialize in predicting trends and generating insights AI, business, Unilever Food and Beverage Business

Unilever has previously utilized AI for diverse endeavors, such as gut microbiome research, biotechnology, and consumer communication. However, the company’s new AI Horizon3 Lab in Toronto, Canada is solely dedicated to data analysis and insights. The lab will delve into 15 key areas of focus, with an initial emphasis on forecasting, modeling complex data relationships through graph technology, and generating insights into trends, patterns, and predictions.

The lab aims to develop concepts and projects that can be scaled and implemented globally across Unilever’s business. This underscores the company’s commitment to harnessing AI to enhance productivity and efficiency, as well as exploring future business cases. Unilever’s technology investment has led to the integration of generative AI in customer service and marketing, and advanced analytics and machine learning in supply chain and logistics.

The AI Horizon3 Lab will prioritize graph database applications, which offer numerous benefits in making sense of complex data. Gary Bogdani, Unilever’s Head of Data Science for North America and Canada D&A, emphasized that graph databases can facilitate visual representation of data, power recommendation engines, and efficiently manage connections between users, posts, and interactions in social applications.

Unilever’s approach aligns with current food and beverage industry trends, from evolving food manufacturing and distribution technologies to initiatives for sustainability and adherence to regulations. The company is also at the forefront of food and drink industry innovation, packaging, marketing, and consumer trends. This strategic focus on leveraging AI for data analysis and insights positions Unilever to continue driving advancements in the industry.

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