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The Institute of Food Technologists states that food processing can enhance food security

The Institute of Food Technologists states that food processing can enhance food security Food preservation, food processing, food safety, Food Safety & Quality, Food Security, food tech, Ift, Innovation and NPD, Prepared foods, Preservatives and acidulants, Processing and Packaging, Sustainability, Transparency and supply chain Food and Beverage Business

Processed food is a significant trend in the food and beverage industry. According to a new white paper by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), food processing technology has a crucial role in ensuring food security. The white paper addresses the benefits of food processing, highlighting its importance in preserving food and enhancing nutritional aspects. Anna Rosales, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Nutrition for the IFT, emphasizes that processing is essential and can enhance nutrient bioavailability, improve food safety, and make foods more affordable and available.

The paper explains that there is a misconception about processed food being linked to poor health. It suggests that formulation and processing are two different concepts and that processing can enhance and preserve the nutritional availability of some nutrients. The white paper also discusses the role of food processing technology in increasing food’s nutritional profile and how it can improve bioavailability.

Moreover, food processing plays a critical role in keeping food safe for consumption. It has been an integral part of food security throughout history, and emerging technologies continue to develop to preserve and enhance the nutritional quality and safety of food while minimizing the impact on the environment. Innovative technologies such as Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization and Pasteurization are mentioned as more energy-efficient ways of preserving food.

However, there are obstacles to the adoption of new technologies, as significant research investment and regulatory acceptance are required. Despite these challenges, food processing technology has the potential to mitigate hunger in developing countries and contribute to food security and sustainability.

In conclusion, food processing technology has a crucial role in the food and beverage industry, and it will continue to shape the future of food manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. It is essential to invest in emerging technologies and processes to ensure a well-fed and sustainable future for the growing population.

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