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Nourishing Options for Children with Nestle, Organix and Beyond

Nourishing Options for Children with Nestle, Organix and Beyond positive nutrition, Science Food and Beverage Business

Europe continues to grapple with high rates of childhood obesity. As awareness about the significance of early years nutrition grows, there is an increased opportunity for manufacturers to cater to demands for health and functionality in the food and beverage industry. The impending digital summit, Positive Nutrition 2024, aims to address these issues and more.

On 14 March, a session titled “Food for Kids” will feature a fireside chat at 11am CET, discussing “Nutrition in the early years: Challenges and opportunities from pre-conception to childhood.” Nestlé will share insights into expanding their focus on early life nutrition by nurturing the health of carers, as well as providing adequate nutrition for babies and children. Dr. Sara Colombo Mottaz from Nestlé will be leading this discussion.

Following the fireside chat, a panel discussion “Early life nutrition: Feeding the next generation of fussy eaters” will take place. This segment will focus on innovative strategies for marrying nutrition and convenience for fussy eaters. The panel includes industry leaders from yamo, Foodini Club, and Organix, as well as Dr. Sara Colombo Mottaz from Nestlé.

The Positive Nutrition summit will be broadcast over three days from 12-14 March 2024, featuring six sessions that explore how the food and beverage industry can utilize innovation to produce healthier and more nutritious products for the mass market. This event will address the changing concept of ‘healthy’ and consumer trends, as well as industry trends in food manufacturing, distribution, regulations, and sustainability.

The event will also dive into specific topics such as reformulation and fortification, plant-based alternatives, food as medicine, personalized nutrition, and the free-from category. Each session will provide valuable insights into the future of the food and beverage industry and its impact on consumer trends and preferences. For more information on the program or to register for the event, visit the Positive Nutrition homepage.

As the food and beverage industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for manufacturers to align their products with the changing consumer demands and expectations. By leveraging innovation and new technologies, the industry can drive positive changes and create more nutritious and sustainable food and drink options for consumers.

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