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Nosh Bio Introduces Single-Ingredient Meat Substitutes

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The plant-based meat sector has faced challenges in the past year due to decreased demand impacting manufacturers’ financial performance. Factors such as price, taste, and nutrition have contributed to this decline. Additionally, the association of meat alternative products with ‘ultra-processing’ has hindered consumer adoption, as many Europeans view ultra-processed foods as unhealthy and harmful to the environment.

Amidst these concerns, German start-up Nosh Bio aims to assist meat-free manufacturers in improving their product labels. Discovering that their mycoprotein ingredient could stand alone without the need for additives or extra processing was a breakthrough moment for the team. This single-ingredient approach addresses the growing preference for plant-based meat alternatives with minimal ingredients and additives.

Nosh Bio’s mycoprotein stands out for its unique qualities, including longer fibres that provide a meat-like texture. The fermentation process used by the company sets it apart from other mycoprotein players in the market. By utilizing a fungi strain recognized by the European Food Safety Authority, Nosh Bio ensures that their ingredient meets regulatory standards without being classified as a novel food.

The functionality of Nosh Bio’s mycoprotein offers binding, thickening, and texturizing capabilities, allowing for the development of single-ingredient meat and fish analogues. This innovative approach eliminates the need for chemicals or animal additives, resulting in a product that not only matches the nutritional values of meat but also comes at a competitive price.

Looking to the future, Nosh Bio plans to leverage the fermentation capacity of breweries to scale up production and meet the growing demand for their products. The company aims to introduce the first single-ingredient meat analogue to retail shelves in Germany within the next few months and expand its presence in both Europe and the US market.

By partnering with major meat producers and utilizing existing brewery infrastructure, Nosh Bio is poised to revolutionize the plant-based meat industry and offer consumers a healthier, more sustainable alternative. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability sets them apart in the ever-evolving food and beverage industry landscape.

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