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Ingredion to Launch Better Juice Sugar Reduction Technology

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Ingredion, a supplier of ingredients, has entered into a partnership with the Israeli food tech start-up, Better Juice. This collaboration will result in Ingredion marketing Better Juice’s technology from the second quarter of this year. The partnership is expected to provide sugar reduction solutions for food and beverage companies, paving the way for new opportunities in the industry.

The collaboration is especially significant for Better Juice, as it aligns perfectly with the startup’s expansion plans. From Ingredion’s perspective, the partnership will introduce a completely new aspect to its sugar reduction solutions. According to Yarom, this technology will enable manufacturers to reduce sugar without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Better Juice, established in 2018, aims to reduce the sugar content in fruit juice and increase dietary fiber. The technology involves an enzymatic process based on non-GMO organisms that converts simple sugars to fibers and non-digestible natural sugars. It is an environmentally friendly and clean label process that maintains the full flavour, body, and nutrients of the fruit while enabling sugar reduction by up to 30-80%. As of now, the technology works in natural fruit juices, as well as fruit-based compositions such as purées.

Eran Blachinsky, Co-CEO of Better Juice, expressed that the alliance with Ingredion will accelerate their go-to-market journey and expand their technology to other liquids with natural sources of sugar. This partnership follows Better Juice’s previous collaboration with GEA Group to establish a pilot facility for sugar reduction technology.

Better Juice has successfully demonstrated its concept with juice manufacturers in Asia and the US and is ready for commercial scale. The company sees the partnership with Ingredion as an opportunity to penetrate the North American market and eventually expand to Europe. Better Juice’s commercial efforts in these regions are aligned with ongoing regulatory developments.

Overall, the collaboration presents a mutually beneficial opportunity for both companies. It allows Ingredion to offer a comprehensive sugar reduction solution to its global customers, while expanding the reach of Better Juice’s non-GMO technology through Ingredion’s corporate network. This win-win situation leverages each company’s strengths for a broader market impact.

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