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ImperialOel’s innovative approach in a changing omega-3 market

ImperialOel's innovative approach in a changing omega-3 market Cognitive function, EPA and DHA, Fish oil, Fish oil supplements, Inflammation, Maternal & infant health, omega 3, Omega-3s & Nutritional oils, Supplements, suppliers Food and Beverage Business

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving, and ImperialOel CEO Oliver Kromer understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve. He emphasizes that identifying sustainable solutions is crucial to meeting the growing demand for omega-3 products. In light of recommendations for EPA and DHA intake, Kromer highlights the need for innovative solutions, given the potential impact on fish populations.

ImperialOel has been at the forefront of omega-3 innovation, with the company earning industry recognition for its groundbreaking omega-3 separating pouch. According to Kromer, this award has provided valuable networking opportunities and enabled the company to showcase its recent innovations to potential customers.

Navigating the omega-3 market presents its own set of challenges, with fish oil shortages and rising prices. However, the shift towards vegan omega-3 alternatives has been promising. Kromer notes that consumers are increasingly willing to pay a premium for vegan options, signaling a significant shift in the market landscape.

ImperialOel has been proactive in developing formulations of vegan omega-3s, leveraging a blend of different algae oils and vegetable oils. Furthermore, the company’s focus on sustainability is evident in its commitment to sustainable alternatives to fish oil production.

An important aspect of ImperialOel’s strategy is the development of alternative formats for omega-3 products. Kromer notes the increasing popularity of flavored bottled fish oil liquids, especially in European markets. The company has also addressed challenges related to oxidation susceptibility in liquid formats, ensuring optimal shelf-life and taste.

Looking ahead, ImperialOel remains committed to driving innovation in the omega-3 market. As the company continues to explore new opportunities for growth, its dedication to sustainable solutions and product innovation will remain central to its success.

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