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FrieslandCampina makes investment in precision fermentation technology for lactoferrin production

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FrieslandCampina Ingredients, a key player in bovine lactoferrin, an essential ingredient in infant formula, is investing in precision fermentation technology to increase lactoferrin supply. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the production of lactoferrin, an ingredient that aids in iron absorption and acts as an antimicrobial and antiviral agent.

In traditional cow’s milk, lactoferrin is only present in small quantities (as little as 0.1mg/ml). In contrast, human milk contains around 1.4mg/ml of lactoferrin. However, through precision fermentation, the production of lactoferrin can be significantly increased, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional methods.

The partnership between FrieslandCampina Ingredients and US biotech company Triplebar marks a breakthrough in the use of precision fermentation technology. This collaboration aims to bring precision fermentation-derived lactoferrin to market in a cost-effective manner.

Lactoferrin is a valuable ingredient in the food and beverage industry, with demand expected to reach over $1bn by the end of the decade. Despite its high cost (ranging from $300-$3,000 per kg), the benefits of lactoferrin make it a sought-after ingredient in premium infant formula products.

By leveraging precision fermentation technology, FrieslandCampina Ingredients aims to increase the availability of lactoferrin in larger quantities while minimizing the environmental impact on milk supply, water supply, and land use. The company’s collaboration with Triplebar highlights its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the food and beverage industry.

According to Anne Peter Lindeboom, managing director of innovation at FrieslandCampina Ingredients, the company’s expertise in protein processing and technology will play a crucial role in commercializing precision fermentation-derived lactoferrin. The collaboration with Triplebar, which brings biotechnology expertise to the table, is expected to result in a strong and collaborative partnership in bringing this valuable protein to market.

With consumer awareness of the environmental impact of food choices on the rise, FrieslandCampina is optimistic about the consumer acceptance of precision fermentation-derived dairy products in the infant formula market. Research suggests that consumers are increasingly open to products produced through precision fermentation, indicating a growing interest in sustainable food and beverage options.

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