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Expansion of EIT Food into Brazil offers new opportunities for food tech start-ups

Expansion of EIT Food into Brazil offers new opportunities for food tech start-ups agrifood, business, Diet and health, EIT Food, food tech, Health and nutritional ingredients, Innovation and NPD, Start-up, Sustainability, Transparency and supply chain Food and Beverage Business

The EIT Food Accelerator Network (FAN) has expanded to Brazil, a key region in the food and beverage industry trends. The new hub in Campinas, São Paulo, will provide a 2-3 month programme for agrifood-tech start-ups, enabling them to accelerate and prepare for entering the market. Applications for start-ups to join the programme will open in December. This expansion to Latin America is in response to the region’s pivotal role in global food production, trade, and food security.

Transitioning to new horizons, FAN’s past hubs, including Paris, Helsinki, Bilbao, and Munich, have successfully coached agritech start-ups into readiness for commercial success. Expertise from companies such as PepsiCo, Nestlé, and Givaudan has been instrumental in supporting nascent agrifood-tech companies.

The programme in Brazil will focus on supporting start-ups to be partnership-ready and facilitating their participation in top agrifood-tech events. The themes of food bioprocessing, next-generation plant-sourced solutions, and sustainable food packaging were chosen based on feedback, interest, and challenges shared by EIT Food partners, aligning with the organization’s three Mission areas.

Agrifood-tech start-ups will be chosen based on their innovation and how they fulfill FAN’s three mission areas: “Healthier Lives Through Food,” “A Net-Zero Food System,” and “Reducing Risk for a Fair & Resilient Food System.”

These expansions are vital in addressing food manufacturing trends and food and drink industry innovation. The new hub will continue to adopt the same guidelines and selection criteria as all other FAN Hubs in Europe, ensuring a standard of quality and impact in line with EIT Food’s three Mission areas.

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