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Barry Callebaut secures €700 million in funding.

Barry Callebaut secures €700 million in funding. Barry Callebaut, chocolate, cocoa, Cocoa bean, Commodities, confectionery, Markets Food and Beverage Business Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut, the chocolate giant behind brands like Carma, Mona Lisa, and Sicao, recently announced a multi-million-dollar financing deal. This has raised questions about the company’s future plans and the current state of the confectionery industry. Market volatility in cocoa continues to be a concern, with prices reaching their highest levels in almost 50 years, surpassing $10,000 a tonne in June 2024. In response to the high prices and uncertainty in the chocolate sector, Barry Callebaut secured a significant investment of €700m.

The Belgium-headquartered company announced the financing on June 10, 2024, coinciding with the industry’s return to $10,000 a tonne cocoa prices. CFO Peter Vanneste highlighted the interest from investors that allowed them to secure long-term financing. The cash injection aims to help Barry Callebaut navigate the challenges posed by the volatile global cocoa market.

In April 2024, the company secured CHF600m and a €262.5m loan to cope with the increasing cocoa prices. While the large investment by Barry Callebaut may raise competition concerns for smaller confectionery brands, various funds exist to support startups and SMEs in the industry.

Government-led initiatives like the EIT Food Impact Fund in the EU are designed to support agrifood startups and promote innovation in the sector. The European Investment Fund has also committed €40m to enhance the food system in Europe. These funds aim to improve farmer fairness, consumer health, and environmental friendliness.

Funding in the food and beverage industry is not just about crisis prevention but also supports important functions like research and development, sustainability initiatives, permissible indulgence launches, and preparing for future success. Initiatives in the industry aim to address challenges and drive innovation to meet consumer demands for healthier and sustainable food and drink products.

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