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AminoLabs’ Goal: Perfecting the Taste, Texture, and Nutrition of Plant Protein Blend

AminoLabs' Goal: Perfecting the Taste, Texture, and Nutrition of Plant Protein Blend Markets and Trends, plant, protein, sports nutrition Food and Beverage Business

In the field of food and beverage industry trends, Belgian manufacturers of sport nutrition solutions have introduced an ingredient that addresses the key issues currently hindering the plant protein market. The commercial director of the firm, Gert Gaukema, highlights the challenges faced by the plant-based proteins market in Europe, emphasizing the need to overcome taste, texture, and aftertaste issues that have contributed to its lag behind the US market.

The newly launched blend of fava bean, chickpea, and rice is positioned as a solution to taste and texture concerns, offering a complete amino acid profile that closely mirrors the nutritional characteristics of whey protein. Gaukema further argues that this blend of amino acids can be better absorbed by the body and comes with the added advantage of being allergen-free. Notably, the ingredient is currently priced lower than whey protein due to the significant inflation of whey prices in recent years.

Nick Morgan, founder of Nutrition Integrated, believes that consumers are drawn away from plant-based protein options primarily due to taste. He points out that the dominance of pea and rice proteins in the plant protein sector has failed to provide the desired differentiation, emphasizing the importance of taste and nutrition benefits in retaining and attracting customers.

The launch of this new ingredient is expected to not only address the taste and texture concerns but also cater to the growing demand for multiple health benefits. Plant proteins are seen as a platform for providing additional health benefits such as immune health, brain health, and added vitamins and minerals. The trend in the food and beverage industry is witnessing more product launches with a focus on delivering these additional benefits, indicating a shift towards holistic health in the plant protein category.

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