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The French investment company Unigrains seeks further investment opportunities in Iberia.

The French investment company Unigrains seeks further investment opportunities in Iberia. Pan-industry Food and Beverage Business

Unigrains, a France-based agri-food investor, is planning to expand its investments in Iberia following the establishment of an office in Madrid. The company has invested €50m in transactions involving companies in Iberia since 2017 and aims to back another business in the region in the coming year. This move is part of Unigrains’ “international development ambition” as it looks to do more deals outside its home market.

Last year, Unigrains became a minority shareholder in Spain-based meat group La Finca in a deal that also involved private-equity firm Capza. The company is keen to intensify its presence in Spain and Portugal and expects to invest between €80-100m over the next five years in the agri-food sector in these countries. Unigrains Iberia, the newly established subsidiary, will operate on the same model as the Italian subsidiary launched the previous year. The creation of Unigrains Iberia is a significant step for the company’s long-term commitment to Spain and Portugal, and it aims to be a direct investor with a local investment team.

Unigrains’ deals in Italy have included buying stakes in seafood supplier Urbis Food and several bakery businesses. In France, the company’s most recent investment in the food industry was acquiring shares in oil producer Huilerie Cauvin and French wine distributor Elan. Unigrains has hired former Portobello Capital executive Álvaro Hernández López-Quesada to lead the new subsidiary in Iberia and is looking forward to completing its first investment via the new subsidiary in 2024.

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Unigrains “would be delighted” to complete a first investment via the new Iberia subsidiary in 2024. Factors determining this decision include a long-term commitment and the expertise of the local investment team. This reflects the company’s approach to long-term projects in the region and its focus on sustainable growth.

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