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Superior Foods International Acquired by Peru’s Viru Group in Fruit and Vegetable Purchase

Superior Foods International Acquired by Peru's Viru Group in Fruit and Vegetable Purchase Food and Beverage Business

Peru’s Viru Group Acquires US Frozen Fruit and Vegetable Company Superior Foods International

Peru’s Viru Group has made the strategic decision to acquire Superior Foods International, a leading frozen fruit and vegetable supplier based in the US. This move aligns with the food and beverage industry trends towards expansion and diversification.

The Viru Group, headquartered in La Libertad, is the largest producer of canned and frozen fruit and vegetables in Peru. With a comprehensive farm-to-fork approach, the company also specializes in the production of ready meals and sauces. By acquiring Superior Foods International, Viru Group aims to strengthen its market presence and seize new opportunities in the competitive food and drink business.

Superior Foods International, located in Watsonville, California, offers a wide range of frozen fruit and vegetable products, as well as herbs and value-added items like pizza and pasta. Its distribution channels extend to both retail and foodservice sectors within the US, as well as international markets including South America, Asia (especially China), and Europe.

The acquisition between Viru Group and Superior Foods International is not only a business transaction but also a continuation of a long-term partnership. For over a decade, these two companies have maintained a fruitful relationship. By joining forces, they anticipate synergistic benefits that will empower them to become an even stronger and more effective organization.

Under the leadership of Viru Group CEO Yoselyn Malamud, the newly expanded entity is excited about the upcoming opportunities to grow together. With its robust network of ten production plants spanning multiple locations in Peru, covering 30,000 acres of cultivated land, the organization employs over 17,000 dedicated individuals.

Viru Group’s commitment to expansion is evident not only in this acquisition but also in its recent venture with Mensajero Alimentación, establishing Mensajero Viru in Murcia, Spain as an artichoke partnership. Additionally, the company collaborates with Agroberries Peru to meet the demand for fresh berries, while maintaining a separate division in Peru known as Caynarachi.

According to Marco Cruz, the managing director of Superior Foods International, the acquisition by Viru Group will not disrupt the existing management team and staff. He assures stakeholders that the company’s mission, core values, and dedication to current partners will remain unchanged. With 40 years of entrepreneurial spirit, independence, and agility, SFI will continue to operate seamlessly within the expanded organization.

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