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Seaboard Foods, a US pork group, establishes new office in Japan

Seaboard Foods, a US pork group, establishes new office in Japan meat Food and Beverage Business

Seaboard Foods, a US pork processor, has recently established its first overseas sales office in Japan, expanding its global presence. The new office, named Seaboard Foods of Japan, will focus on developing relationships with local customers and meeting the unique needs of the Japanese market by delivering high-quality pork products. Aaron Hunerdosse, Seaboard Foods’ vice president of international sales, emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for their products in international markets through this new office.

Seaboard Foods has a history of exporting pork products to Japan for approximately 28 years since the opening of its first processing plant in Guymon, Oklahoma. The Japanese office, based in Tokyo, will be led by Charlie Yoshinaga, the international field sales manager at Seaboard Foods. Yoshinaga expressed confidence in the company’s ability to meet the high standards of the Japanese marketplace and deliver top-quality pork products to customers in Japan and around the world.

“The Japanese marketplace seeks excellence, demanding products crafted under strict management and fueled by continuous innovation,” Yoshinaga stated.

Seaboard Foods, a part of the Seaboard Corp., employs about 5,400 individuals across five US states, engaging in pork production and processing, as well as cargo shipping. The company’s brands include Prairie Fresh, Daily’s Premium Meats, Seaboard Farms, and St. Joe Pork. Notably, a bilateral trade agreement between the US and Japan that took effect in 2020 has positioned the US as the largest exporter of pork to Japan, with Canada following closely behind.

In line with food and beverage industry trends, Seaboard Foods continues to innovate and expand its global reach, showcasing a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. This strategic move to establish a presence in Japan underscores the company’s proactive approach to meeting the evolving demands of the market while strengthening its position in the industry.

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