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Plukon acquires Redondo, the Spanish poultry group

Plukon acquires Redondo, the Spanish poultry group Plukon Food Group Food and Beverage Business

Plukon, a Netherlands-based poultry business, has acquired Spanish peer Redondo, expanding its position in Spain. This deal comes after Plukon’s acquisition of Grupo VMR in 2020. Redondo, a family-owned business in Madrid, has been a key player in the poultry market since 1963. The company supplies poultry products to customers in and around Madrid and operates various facilities in Spain.

With this acquisition, CEO Kees Kraijenoord expressed optimism about the future growth of Plukon in Spain, aligning with their ambition to become a leading player in the European poultry industry. Redondo, with about 250 employees, reached revenues of €54m ($58.8m) in 2022.

José Luis Redondo, CEO at Redondo, emphasized the potential for growth as part of the Plukon Food Group. Plukon, with 30 sites across Europe and a turnover of around €2.8bn in 2022, includes four sites in Spain and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Last February, the group also acquired a majority stake in Dutch poultry peer JA ter Maten Holding.

Plukon’s CEO explained that this acquisition will provide the group with a strong platform for future growth in Spain.

As you can notice, Plukon has been expanding its presence in the European poultry market through strategic acquisitions. This aligns with their ambition to become a leading player in the production and marketing of poultry in Europe.

José Luis Redondo expressed confidence in Redondo’s future alongside Plukon and pointed out that the similarities in quality standards and the strong ownership of Plukon make it an ideal partnership for the company.

Transitioning into a new phase of growth, Plukon continues to demonstrate its commitment to the European poultry industry, securing strong partnerships and expanding its global presence.

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