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Ocho Candy Shuts Down Operations in the US

Ocho Candy Shuts Down Operations in the US confectionery Food and Beverage Business

Ocho Candy, a US-based organic confectionery maker, has ceased operations after 14 years in business. The decision was made due to a “lack of ongoing funding,” according to Todd Kluger, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Kluger highlighted the achievements of the brand, noting that Ocho Candy had made over $100m in retail sales since its inception in 2010, had a portfolio of over 50 products, and had achieved nationwide distribution in the US and Australia. This distribution included retailers such as Albertsons, 7-11, and Walmart.

The company’s failure, according to Kluger, was due to a lack of ongoing funding, and not from a lack of character, creativity, or hard work ethic from its employees. In 2019, Ocho Candy raised $5.5m in a Series B funding round, as per Crunchbase.

In 2021, the company relocated its production line to Trinidad and Tobago from Oakland, California. This move aimed to “have a better supply of ingredients as well as financially benefiting those in the indigenous countries where the ingredients were farmed, or where the candy is made,” according to the company’s website.

Ocho Candy created certified Organic and Fairtrade chocolate candy, as well as vegan alternatives. Unfortunately, no further comments from the company were provided at the time.

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