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Oatly Manager to Helm Finland’s Plant-Based Food Expansion

Oatly Manager to Helm Finland's Plant-Based Food Expansion Oatly Food and Beverage Business

“In Finland, a new consortium, Plant Based Food Finland (Pro Vege in Finnish), has been established with the goal of increasing the production and sale of plant-based food in the Scandinavian country. The initiative is being spearheaded by Niklas Kaskeala, Oatly’s director of public affairs in Finland, who has been appointed as the chairman of the group.

The aim of the consortium is to promote the uptake of plant-based food, with a focus on plant proteins and plant-based milk products. The group, which boasts eighteen founding members including Oatly, Food Farm, K-ryhmä, and Lidl Suomi Ky, seeks to make plant-based food more appealing to a wider audience, viewing it as an essential aspect of the sustainability of the food system.

Reflecting on the importance of transitioning to more plant-based diets, Kaskeala emphasized, ‘The climate crisis and the destruction of nature cannot be solved without changing the food system, and for health reasons, diets should also be changed to be more plant-based.’

Companies within the Finnish plant-based food industry have faced challenges due to a slowdown in consumption growth over the past year. Fazer Group, for instance, experienced decelerating category growth attributed to increased competition and capacity in Europe. However, it remains optimistic that consumption is expected to resume growth in the future.

To gain insight into the future plans of the consortium and Oatly’s involvement, Just Food has reached out to Kaskeala. The platform will also be delving into the support received by the group for its launch, as well as potential changes in Oatly’s involvement with the consortium and Kaskeala’s current position at the company.

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As Finland continues to witness developments in its plant-based food sector, the successful establishment of the consortium paves the way for a shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious dietary choices.”

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