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Nestlé sells its dairy and juice businesses in Ecuador to Grupo Gloria

Nestlé sells its dairy and juice businesses in Ecuador to Grupo Gloria Nestlé Food and Beverage Business

Nestlé has made a strategic decision to exit the dairy sector in Ecuador by partnering with Latin American food company Grupo Gloria.

This move involves the sale of a factory and distribution center in Cayambe, located north of the capital, Quito.

Grupo Gloria will acquire local brands including La Vaquita, Yogu Yogu, Natura, Cereavena, and Huesitos, as well as the licensing of international brands La Lechera and Svelty.

This agreement is contingent upon approval from Ecuador’s competition watchdog.

Earlier this year, Nestlé announced plans to shutter a dairy plant in Nicaragua due to global operational dynamics.

Josué De la Maza, the executive president of Nestlé’s business in Ecuador, stated that the company will focus on sectors such as culinary products, confectionery, coffee, and infant formula moving forward.

He emphasized Nestlé’s acquisition of Terrafertil in 2018, an Ecuadorian company with a leading plant-based product portfolio in Latin America, as a key part of their strategy to serve Ecuadorian consumers.

Grupo Gloria, based in Peru, operates in various countries across Latin America and produces dairy items, plant-based milk, jam, cake, canned fish, and soft drinks.

Gloria Foods president Claudio Rodríguez expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting the importance of the Ecuadorian market and the strengthening of their portfolio in Latin America.

Grupo Gloria’s recent purchase of dairy assets in Chile from Fonterra further illustrates their commitment to expanding and enhancing their presence in the region.

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