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Mondelez supports environmentally friendly packaging company, Pack2Earth

Mondelez supports environmentally friendly packaging company, Pack2Earth Mondelez International Food and Beverage Business

Mondelez International has made an investment in Pack2Earth, a start-up based in Spain that is focused on developing “bio-based” packaging alternatives to plastic. This investment is part of Mondelez International’s Sustainable Futures impact investing platform, which aligns with the company’s long-term ambition for packaging circularity. According to Just Food, the Cadbury maker sees this investment as an example of acting as a catalyst and collaborator.

Mondelez established Sustainable Futures in 2021 to support environmental and social projects that drive meaningful, long-term change. Pack2Earth, founded in 2022, is working on bio-based flexible film and injection materials that are both compostable at ambient temperature and organically recyclable. Their materials can be used to create packaging for long-life ambient and semi-liquid products.

The packaging materials developed by Pack2Earth decompose into toxin-free and microplastic-free compost, a significant advantage for sustainability. In addition to Mondelez International, Zurich-based investor Sagana also participated in Pack2Earth’s funding round. Sagana emphasized that these funds will enable Pack2Earth to complete client pilot projects and ramp up revenue generation.

Mondelez has set ambitious sustainability goals for its packaging, aiming to have all packaging designed to be recyclable by 2025. The company also plans to reduce its use of virgin plastic by 5% and virgin rigid plastic by 25% by the same year. Additionally, Mondelez aims to have 5% recycled content in its packaging by 2025.

Beyond its investment in Pack2Earth, Mondelez has made other strategic investments through its Sustainable Futures platform. For instance, the company has invested in the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund, which focuses on developing recycling infrastructure in India and South East Asia.

Overall, Mondelez International’s partnership with Pack2Earth and its broader sustainable investment initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to driving positive change in the food and beverage industry. Through strategic investments and partnerships, Mondelez is positioning itself at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions.

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