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Mondelez adjusts SnackFutures responsibilities

Mondelez adjusts SnackFutures responsibilities Mondelez International Food and Beverage Business

Mondelez International has recently restructured its SnackFutures unit to focus primarily on venture capital investments. Established in 2018, SnackFutures initially worked on creating new brands, reinventing existing brands, and partnering with startups. Over the years, the unit transitioned to focus more on VC-style investments and launching new products such as CaPao snacks and Ruckus & Co. smoothies for kids.

In a strategic move, Mondelez launched an accelerator called CoLab in 2021 within SnackFutures to collaborate with emerging businesses in the “well-being snacks” sector. However, the company has now revamped SnackFutures to solely invest in “scale-up” companies, resulting in the discontinuation of CoLab. The unit has been rebranded as SnackFutures Ventures to reflect this new direction.

According to Richie Gray, the head of SnackFutures, the unit’s primary focus going forward is to support Mondelez’s core categories such as chocolate, biscuits, and baked snacks, while also expanding into new areas like well-being and personalized nutrition. Gray emphasized that the shift to a corporate-venture capital hub will involve investing in rapidly growing companies within their core categories, along with staying connected to emerging brands and technologies.

As part of this evolution, Mondelez has not disclosed any changes in the investment allocated to SnackFutures Ventures. The company remains committed to driving strategic growth through innovative investments and strategic partnerships in the dynamic food and beverage industry landscape.

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