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Mondarella’s Five-Year Growth Strategy Includes Opening Up to External Investment

Mondarella's Five-Year Growth Strategy Includes Opening Up to External Investment dairy alternatives, Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Beverage Business

German plant-based cheese producer Mondarella is open to external investment to support its growth plans. Speaking at the IFE trade show in London, founder and CEO Frank Riedel expressed willingness to consider investments if there is a strategic benefit. Riedel highlighted potential areas for expansion, such as venturing into cream, spreads, and other related categories. This strategic approach aims to position Mondarella as a driving force in the market, fostering relationships with major manufacturers and quick-service restaurants.

Looking towards the future, Riedel envisions a revenue increase of 14% to 16% for the business. Mondarella has already secured €8m in funding, with investments from Riedel and Sparkfood, the food division of Portuguese investor Sonae. While the exact stake held by Sparkfood remains undisclosed, Riedel acknowledged them as a significant shareholder.

With a strong presence in Germany and plans to expand into the UK market, Mondarella is set to introduce new products like plant-based feta cheese and cheddar alternatives. The company’s distribution network includes major retailers and foodservice providers in several countries across Europe.

Mondarella’s production focuses on dairy-free cheeses, offering diverse products like plant-based mozzarella and soft cheese alternatives. To enhance production capabilities and cater to growing demand, Mondarella is exploring regional production partnerships in the UK. The company operates development kitchens in Berlin and London for recipe testing and small-batch production.

As Mondarella continues to grow, its expansion strategy includes entering new markets in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, and France. By diversifying its product range and expanding its geographical footprint, Mondarella aims to solidify its position in the competitive food and beverage industry.

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