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Modern Baker and Hovis Come Together in Partnership Deal

Modern Baker and Hovis Come Together in Partnership Deal Hovis Food and Beverage Business

In a strategic move to target the health-conscious consumer market, UK bread processor Hovis has entered into a three-year licensing agreement with better-for-you baked goods manufacturer Modern Baker. This partnership aims to introduce a range of new baked products that cater to the growing demand for healthier food options.

Hovis, based in High Wycombe, has been collaborating with Modern Baker since 2023, supporting the production and marketing of its higher-fiber bread, Superloaf, and Super Bakery range across the UK. Modern Baker’s SuperLoaf is already available in UK retail stores like M&S, Amazon, and Ocado, while its Super Bakery range, featuring baked sourdough, rye breads, and sourdough-based biscuits, is sold at Planet Organic.

Regarding the new partnership, Just Food reached out to Hovis to confirm the types of baked products that will be developed through this collaboration. The aim is to expand the existing product range and introduce innovative, great-tasting products that align with current consumer preferences for healthier options.

Jon Jenkins, CEO of Hovis, expressed excitement about the licensing agreement, seeing it as a significant step for the brand’s growth and innovation. He emphasized Hovis’ commitment to new product development and meeting the evolving needs of consumers focused on health and gut health.

On the other hand, Melissa Sharp, co-founder of Modern Baker, highlighted the impact of Superloaf’s nutrition innovation and the opportunity this agreement presents to enhance the UK’s staple food offerings. The collaboration with Hovis, a renowned brand known for quality and heritage, is seen as a pivotal move towards advancing nutrition innovation in the UK.

Hovis operates 11 bakery facilities across the UK, including locations in London, Belfast, Scotland, and Bristol. Over the years, the company has ventured into healthier bread options, such as its partnership with The Chia Co. in 2016 to produce Seed Sensations Chia bread loaf and its introduction to the sandwich thins segment in 2015.

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