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Maspex Group details its investment strategy

Maspex Group details its investment strategy Maspex Food and Beverage Business

Poland-based food and drinks giant Maspex Group is set to invest 650m zlotys ($164.2m) this year in various capex projects aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility. The company plans to construct a new factory, expand production capacity at existing plants, and invest in logistics.

Maspex aims to bolster its presence by building a new factory and expanding its headquarters in Wadowice, southern Poland. Additionally, the company plans to create 400 to 500 new jobs through this project. In other locations, Maspex intends to enhance existing facilities in Tymbark, Tychy, and Oborniki in Poland, as well as make investments in its site in Vălenii de Munte, Romania.

With 17 factories spread across Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, Maspex is gearing up for growth. Bogdan Tyrybon, Maspex’s supply chain director, highlighted the favorable business climate that enables continued investments in production and logistics. These strategic steps will boost production capacity, widen the product portfolio, and better cater to consumer demands while offering comprehensive services to trading partners.

In 2023, Maspex reported sales revenues exceeding 15 bn zlotys ($3.7bn). The company prides itself on producing 2.2 billion liters of beverages, over 280,000 tonnes of pasta, cereal, and instant products, and nearly 180,000 tonnes of jams annually. Its product range includes renowned brands like Ekland tea and Tymbark juices, along with private-label manufacturing services.