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Kraft Heinz and NotCo collaborate to introduce plant-based alternatives to Oscar Mayer hot dogs

Kraft Heinz and NotCo collaborate to introduce plant-based alternatives to Oscar Mayer hot dogs Kraft heinz Food and Beverage Business

The latest product emerging from Kraft Heinz’s partnership with Chile’s NotCo is a range of plant-based Oscar Mayer hot dogs, set to be unveiled at next week’s ExpoWest trade show in California. These products are scheduled to be available at major retailers nationwide later in 2024. Two years ago, Kraft Heinz and NotCo set out to launch plant-based products using artificial intelligence. NotCo’s AI program, Giuseppe, analyzes plants to create unique combinations that replicate animal-based products almost perfectly. Following the successful launch of alternatives to cheese and mayonnaise, Oscar Mayer is now introducing plant-based NotHotDogs and NotSausages. According to Lucho Lopez-May, CEO of The Kraft Heinz Not Company venture, consumers are looking for plant-based meat options from trusted brands.

Despite recent decreases in demand and sales in the overall US market for meat alternatives, Kraft Heinz remains optimistic about the new product range. The introduction of plant-based Oscar Mayer hot dogs comes at a time when competitors like Beyond Meat are facing challenges. Beyond Meat recently reported falling revenue and projected lower sales for 2024, attributing the decline to weak demand in the US market. In response, the company launched the Beyond IV burger, which founder and CEO Ethan Brown claims delivers superior health benefits and taste.

NotCo has also been making strategic partnerships, with a recent collaboration with Mars on innovative projects. CEO Matias Muchnick announced the partnership on social media, highlighting the exciting developments in store. In 2022, Muchnick revealed plans to make NotCo’s technology available to other food businesses after securing additional funding. As the plant-based food industry continues to evolve, companies like Kraft Heinz and NotCo are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.

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