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Ivy Farm set to explore cell-based meat production in China

Ivy Farm set to explore cell-based meat production in China Ivy Farm Food and Beverage Business

In a recent development, UK-based cultured meat manufacturer Ivy Farm Technologies has partnered with a biotechnology investor to expand its operations in China.

The partnership with BSF Enterprise, the owner of UK clinical and cell ag company 3D Bio-Tissues, aims to support Ivy Farm’s fundraising ambitions and facilitate its growth in China.

Founded as a spin-out from Oxford University in 2019, Ivy Farm is currently in a Series B funding round, having already secured $40m in equity investments.

An Ivy Farm spokesperson stated, “The goal of this partnership is to introduce cultivated meat products into the Chinese market. BSF will assist in outreach initiatives to support Ivy Farm’s funding round and scale up technology for large production-sized fermenters.”

They further mentioned Ivy Farm’s vision to produce “12,000 tonnes from a single facility powered by renewable energy, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and land use compared to traditional farming methods.”

Highlighting China’s substantial meat consumption, the spokesperson noted that the country accounts for over a quarter of global meat consumption.

BSF Enterprise, listed on the London Stock Exchange, has established a Hong Kong entity to enhance its network in the Greater China market. This network will support Ivy Farm in accessing the Asian cultivated meat market.

Che Connon, managing director of BSF Enterprise and CEO of 3DBT, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, “China’s focus on food security aligns with the growth prospects of the cultivated meat market. We aim to assist Ivy Farm in entering the Chinese market through investment and product development.”

Ivy Farm specializes in producing mincemeat from various sources to create products like burgers, meatballs, and scotch eggs. Their pilot plant, operational since 2022, is powered by solar energy and is claimed to be the largest of its kind in Europe.

According to a spokesperson from Ivy Farm, the company is partnering with multiple firms to accelerate its scale-up process with minimal capital expenditure and increased production capacity.