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Fyffes to introduce new branding for bananas sold in mainland Europe

Fyffes to introduce new branding for bananas sold in mainland Europe Fyffes Food and Beverage Business

Fresh produce company Fyffes is rebranding its bananas in mainland Europe under the new consumer brand Trudi’s, focusing on the premium banana segment. This move aims to market their bananas as healthy products that support the communities in Costa Rica where they are grown.

Trudi’s was launched last October as a purpose-driven brand, providing retailers and consumers the choice to support social sustainability within farming communities. The company has no plans to replace the Fyffes brand in Ireland, North America, or the UK, as the Fyffes name will continue as their corporate brand.

Fyffes is in negotiations with select retailers across Europe and plans to start the trial of rebranded bananas sometime this year. This initiative follows their expulsion from the Ethical Trading Initiative in 2019 for not allowing workers to be represented by a trade union.

Fyffes exports fresh fruit products to over 500 retailers in 22 countries across Europe and North America, including bananas from Central America, pineapples from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Panama, and an Exotics range with products from Colombia, Ecuador, and other regions.

The company also offers melons from Honduras and Guatemala and owns 20 farms and 19 distribution centers worldwide, employing over 14,000 people.

The rebranding efforts align with Fyffes’ commitment to sustainability and community support, reflecting an evolving industry landscape in the food and beverage sector. By focusing on consumer preferences and social responsibility, Fyffes aims to strengthen its position in the competitive market.

As Fyffes continues to expand its product range and global reach, the company’s dedication to ethical practices and consumer wellness sets it apart in the food and drink business. By introducing Trudi’s as a purpose-driven brand, Fyffes demonstrates its commitment to delivering quality products while making a positive impact on farming communities.