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Fruselva’s Expansion into Plant-Based Market Grows with Acquisition of Costa Concentrados Levantinos

Fruselva's Expansion into Plant-Based Market Grows with Acquisition of Costa Concentrados Levantinos Baby food, Dairy & Soy Food, dairy alternatives, Shelf-stable, Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Beverage Business

At the end of 2021, Spain’s Masergrup and Fruselva announced the acquisition of local business Costa Concentrados Levantinos, specializing in cooking sauces, broths, and vegetable drinks. The acquisition is part of the companies’ strategy to establish a stronger presence in the plant-based foods sector, aligning with the growing consumer trend towards plant-based products in the food and beverage industry.

The newly acquired company, Costa Concentrados Levantinos, has been in operation since 1897 and focuses on producing plant-based products under the Amandin brand and the Costa Eco line. Fruselva, on the other hand, is known for co-manufacturing baby and toddler pouch-based foods, offering a wide range of products including fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, and meat.

Masergrup, the parent company of Fruselva, also operates across various industries including alcohol beverages, construction, chemicals, and real estate. The financial details of the Costa Concentrados Levantinos acquisition were not disclosed, but the move is expected to further strengthen Fruselva’s position in the market as it continues to expand its product range and market reach.

The acquisition of Costa Concentrados Levantinos marks a strategic step for Fruselva as it aims to return to Spain’s production landscape and diversify its offerings within the plant-based food segment, particularly focusing on alternative-milk drinks. Fruselva envisions a comprehensive plant-based range to complement its existing portfolio of baby-food products, aligning with the current consumer trends in the food and drink business.

As part of its growth strategy, Fruselva also aims to establish new partnerships within the plant-based industry, seeking collaborations with leading companies to further enhance its position in the market. The company anticipates a significant increase in its turnover, projecting a 36% growth for 2023 and targeting a turnover of €120m for 2024.

Overall, the acquisition of Costa Concentrados Levantinos represents a strategic move for Fruselva and Masergrup, reflecting their commitment to providing sustainable, nutritional, and competitive plant-based products to consumers. With the food and beverage industry trends leaning towards plant-based alternatives, the acquisition is poised to position the companies as key players in the evolving market landscape.

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