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Capsa Food acquires the remaining share in dairy company Lácteas Flor de Burgos

Capsa Food acquires the remaining share in dairy company Lácteas Flor de Burgos Dairy & Soy Food Food and Beverage Business

Capsa Food has completed its acquisition of Lácteas Flor de Burgos, gaining full ownership of the Spanish dairy business, situated in Burgos, Castilla Leon. In 2020, Capsa Food acquired a 50% stake in the company, and now it has purchased the remaining stake from Lactan Holding Group. This strategic move positions Capsa Food as the seventh largest operator in the Spanish cheese market.

The acquisition of Flor de Burgos also adds to Capsa Food’s portfolio of milk, butter, and cream supplied to retailers, as well as the operation of the Innova Food Ingredients arm that serves food manufacturers. CEO José Armando Tellado expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “This acquisition motivates and excites us to continue working on the commitment acquired with our clients and consumers to continue offering them the best products and the best service.”

In addition to cheese, Capsa Food is known for brands like the Cabrales Central Lechera Asturiana cheese and the Larsa line of Galician cheeses. Furthermore, the company aims to reach a turnover of more than €1bn this year, with plans to boost its turnover from the expected €100m from the Flor de Burgos business. This architecture change in the ownership structure will also play a significant role in boosting Capsa Food’s financial performance.

Capsa Food aims to reinforce its leadership position in the Spanish dairy sector, re-emphasizing its presence in the cheese market. Following this acquisition, the company is targeting aggressive growth trajectory and consolidating its position as a major player in the food and beverage industry.

While Capsa Food’s revenues have been on an upward trajectory, the company faced challenges due to inflation-linked higher ingredients costs and the war in Ukraine. This necessitated the company to venture into plant-based alternative milk drinks partnership with Spain’s Liquats Vegetals, launching the Vegetanea line in 2022. This strategic diversification positions Capsa Food to tap into food and beverage consumer trends, providing growth opportunities in the ever-evolving food and drink business landscape.

Flor de Burgos, the Spanish-based company, is expected to end 2023 with a turnover of almost €100m, aligning with Capsa Food’s ambitious growth targets. With Capsa Food’s demonstrated track record in the food and beverage industry trends, this strategic move is expected to not only bolster the company’s financial standing but also its market positioning in the food and drink business.

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