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Albert Bartlett finalizes acquisition of Jersey potato company

Albert Bartlett finalizes acquisition of Jersey potato company Fresh produce, Frozen, Refrigerated Food and Beverage Business

Albert Bartlett, a UK potato supplier, has recently acquired The Jersey Royal Company (JRC) from Produce Investments, a key player in the UK fresh potato segment. This acquisition, aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for the renowned Jersey Royal crop, consolidates the island’s main producers under one entity.

Albert Bartlett, headquartered in Airdrie near Glasgow, has had operations in Jersey since 2008. On the other hand, JRC has been operating in its current form for over 20 years and was purchased by Produce Investments in 2014. The CEO of Albert Bartlett, Alex Bartlett, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating, “Our purchase of JRC enhances our commitment to Jersey agriculture and will pave the way for a compelling and sustainable future for our teams, growers, and retail partners.”

Employees at JRC will be integrated into Albert Bartlett’s operations following the acquisition. According to Produce Investments’ CFO, Rachel Cook-Coulson, the decision to sell JRC to Albert Bartlett stems from the need for a consolidated approach to producing and marketing the Jersey Royal potato in response to current supply chain pressures and changing market dynamics.

In the fiscal year ending on May 31, 2023, Albert Bartlett recorded a turnover of £253m ($319m), up from £216m the previous year. The potato business also reported an operating profit of £9.3m, reflecting a significant increase from £5.6m in 2022.

The acquisition marks an important step towards securing the future of the Jersey Royal crop and underscores Albert Bartlett’s commitment to the food and beverage industry. By bringing together expertise and resources, the company seeks to leverage market trends and consumer preferences to drive growth and innovation in the food and drink sector. This strategic move positions Albert Bartlett as a key player in shaping the future of the potato industry.

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