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Supply chain issues result in a reported shortage of tea

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The disruption is reportedly due to Houthi attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, as well as supply and demand delays with one tea supplier. As stated in The Guardian, retail bosses have assured that the issues are temporary and are expected to have minimal impact on consumers.

One Sainsbury’s store displayed a sign indicating, “We are experiencing supply issues affecting the nationwide supply of black tea. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope to be back in full supply soon.” This news has raised concerns about potential black tea shortages.

Greg Hanson, GVP and head of sales EMEA North at Informatica, expressed concern about the situation, stating: “The nation’s morning brew is set to go cold due to trade route disruptions. With some tea shipments being redirected or stalled in the Red Sea, some retailers are warning of a potential black tea shortage. Empty shelves can have a negative impact on retail margins and lead to further challenges.”

He further explained that it is increasingly common to encounter supply chain disruptions due to various world events. To navigate through these challenges, supermarkets should proactively manage their supply chain with a single 360 view and incorporate AI-powered cloud data management and governance to identify alternative suppliers or shipping routes. This will ensure that retailers can keep their shelves stocked and minimize the impact of supply chain turbulence.

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