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Strongbow introduces new citrusy creation to the UK market, brought to you by Heineken.

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Heineken UK is set to introduce a new citrusy creation from the popular cider brand Strongbow. Strongbow Zest, with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4%, is the latest innovation to join the Strongbow lineup.

Available in 4x440ml and 500ml formats, Strongbow Zest will also be rolling out in a 10x330ml multipack just in time for the summer season. As a leading player in the cider category with a 21% market share, Strongbow is known for its innovative flavors, including the well-loved Dark Fruit variant.

Strongbow Zest offers a refreshing blend of apple cider infused with lime, lemon, and orange flavors, creating a zesty and citrusy taste profile. This new flavor contains no artificial additives or colors, making it suitable for vegan diets and gluten-free.

Rachel Holms, cider brand director at Heineken UK, expressed enthusiasm for the launch of Strongbow Zest, aiming to attract new consumers seeking fresh and innovative flavor experiences in the cider category. Following the success of last year’s Strongbow Tropical, which was named Product of the Year and the top cider innovation in 2023, there is evident demand for new flavors in the market.

Supported by a £10 million marketing campaign starting in May, the launch of Strongbow Zest is expected to further solidify the brand’s position in the market. With a legacy dating back to 1963, Strongbow has established itself as a cult favorite known for its diverse range of flavors and iconic advertisements.

Whether it’s Strongbow Original, Strongbow Rose, Strongbow Dark Fruit, Strongbow Cloudy Apple, or Strongbow Tropical, the brand offers a cider for every occasion, promising unbeatable refreshment. Retailers are encouraged to stock up on Strongbow Zest to capitalize on the upcoming summer season and cater to the increasing demand for new and exciting cider flavors.

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