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Redefine Meat Introduces Its Products to UK Retail Through Ocado

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Redefine Meat, a pioneer in new-meat products, is entering the UK retail market for the first time through a nationwide partnership with online grocery retailer Ocado.

With the demand for cook-at-home new-meat products growing among vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers, Redefine Meat’s chef-quality ‘new-meat’ is now available for purchase by consumers. The plant-based meat range has been endorsed for its comparability to high-quality animal meat by renowned high-end and Michelin-star chefs such as Marco Pierre-White, Alexis Gauthier, Robin Gill, and Ron Blaauw.

Ocado is now offering six diverse new-meat products for online purchase – Redefine Pulled Pork, Redefine Pulled Beef, Redefine Bratwurst, Redefine Lamb Kofta Mix, Redefine Premium Burgers and Redefine Beef Mince – with prices ranging from £4.00 to £4.50 per pack.

Ideal for consumers aiming to reduce their consumption of animal meat, new-meat provides the same taste and texture as high-quality animal meat using 100% plant-based, sustainably-sourced ingredients, with no cholesterol or GMOs. Redefine Meat’s new retail products offer the same juicy taste and authentic meat-like texture as their foodservice range for chefs, but in smaller consumer-sized packs and sold straight from the freezer to provide a longer shelf life and reduce waste.

“We’re pleased to be the first retailer in the UK to sell Redefine Meat, offering consumers new versatility and innovation in plant-based meat products,” says Olivia Small, buying manager at Ocado.

According to Simon Owen, UK managing director of Redefine Meat, the company’s expansion into UK retail is part of a worldwide ambition to increase the consumption of plant-based meat. “To achieve this, we have overcome the two biggest inherent barriers to mainstream adoption of plant-based meat: product quality and versatility,” says Owen. “Following our success in the hospitality market, we believe we can also disrupt the retail sector in a big way. Our second phase, in-store retail launch within supermarkets is set to come next year with the development of a brand-new chilled products range.”

The partnership with Ocado aligns with the company’s mission to offer consumers ‘unbeatable choice’, and marks a significant step towards making premium plant-based products more accessible to a wider audience. With relentless ambition, innovation and perfectionism, Redefine Meat is poised to continue its growth and make plant-based meat products more widely available to consumers.

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