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Quorn Blended Meat Product for Meat Reduction.

Quorn Blended Meat Product for Meat Reduction. blended meat product, Quorn, reduce meat consumption Food and Beverage Business

Quorn, a leading meat alternative company, recently announced the launch of a new blended meat product aimed at reducing meat consumption among ‘flexitarian’ consumers. According to Quorn, the new product is a combination of Quorn alternative meat and real meat, catering to the expanding consumer base of flexitarians.

By utilizing its mycoprotein ingredient, Quorn has innovated new ways to promote reduced meat consumption. Marco Bertacca, the company’s chief executive, highlighted the collaboration with food-away-from-home sector customers to introduce menu items that blend meat and Quorn, thereby decreasing the overall meat intake of consumers. This initiative not only contributes to addressing climate change but also enhances public health outcomes.

Moving forward, Quorn plans to collaborate with the National Health Service (NHS) to develop blended recipes incorporating Quorn and meat. This strategic partnership aims to reduce carbon emissions, saturated fat, and cholesterol intake while increasing dietary fiber for patients and employees.

Furthermore, Quorn has partnered with the world’s most prominent catering companies to provide staple products like burgers and sausages made from their innovative blended meat alternative. This collaboration is expected to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the catering industry, aiding them in achieving their climate targets.

Overall, Quorn’s commitment to sustainability and health-conscious innovation positions them as a key player in the evolving food industry landscape. By offering delicious and environmentally-friendly food options, they are paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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