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Plant-Based Brand Launched by Chef with Michelin Star Expertise

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Shocken Foods, a plant-based meat brand, is set to launch in the UK this Christmas. Backed by food tech investor Big Idea Ventures, Shocken Foods offers a range of products including foie gras, chorizo, bresaola, and a vegan nduja spread. What sets this brand apart is the expertise of its founder, Emma Bowe, who brings a unique perspective from her experience in Michelin star kitchens.

As Bowe explains, her time in Michelin star kitchens allowed her to push the boundaries of traditional food and reinvent familiar dishes. She recalls creating a chicken parfait at the Mandarin Oriental under Heston Blumenthal, shaped like an orange mandarin. Learning to create such inventive dishes taught her the importance of precision in timing, temperatures, and ingredient ratios.

This meticulous approach sets Shocken Foods apart from other brands in the market. Bowe emphasizes the need for education and experience in food design and production, as early-stage vegan products that disappointed consumers had a negative impact on the category as a whole. The goal is to create a solid taste profile that remains consistent and reliable.

Drawing from her experience in Michelin star kitchens, Bowe applies a combination of precise cooking techniques to the manufacturing process at scale. The key lies in manipulating texture through varied thermal processes without using extrusion. Bowe gives examples of how the same ingredient can produce vastly different results depending on the cooking process, much like cooking a steak or triple-cooked chips.

While Shocken Foods prides itself on its technically precise methods, Bowe assures that everything in the ingredient list is familiar and there is no use of stabilizers, emulsifiers, or additives. The focus is on achieving texture and shelf life through natural means.

Bowe’s catering experience for high-profile events, such as the BAFTA Awards and serving UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Queen, taught her the importance of visually impressive dishes with indulgent flavors. However, she recognizes that nutrition and a balanced diet are crucial factors to consider in product design. Manufacturing demands an immaculate and reliably consistent product, which adds pressure to achieve high taste standards without compromising quality.

Shocken Foods stands out not only for Bowe’s expertise but also its high protein content and nutritional value. With the highest recorded protein content in a meat analogue, Shocken Foods offers 40g of protein per 100g in their porchetta. The brand also includes vitamins, such as B12, from natural sources rather than fortifying their products.

Having already won several awards, including ‘Food Startup of the Year’ and a Great Taste Award for their vegan nduja spread, Shocken Foods continues to innovate and enhance its products. Looking ahead, the brand aims to make a wider impact and explore ways to fortify their meats while maintaining minimal processing.

In the competitive food and beverage industry, Shocken Foods is at the forefront of food manufacturing trends, food processing technology, and food distribution. Their focus on innovation, sustainability, and meeting consumer trends sets them apart. Adhering to food and drink regulations, they also prioritize packaging and marketing strategies that appeal to modern consumers.

Overall, Shocken Foods offers a unique and exciting range of plant-based meat products backed by a wealth of culinary expertise. As they prepare to hit UK shelves this Christmas, consumers can expect high-quality, consistent, and nutritious options for their meals.

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