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Nurishment introduces revolutionary fusion flavors in their latest product launch.

Nurishment launches first-ever fusion flavours

Nurishment, a nutritionally enriched milk drink brand, is set to launch two new fusion flavors that will be available in Tesco stores across the UK starting from 8 July. These new flavors, blueberry swirl and hazelnut swirl, are inspired by popular food and drink trends.

The Blueberry Swirl flavor fusion combines the creamy milk drink with the sweet taste of a freshly baked blueberry dessert. Its smooth texture and fruity aroma make it an irresistible treat. On the other hand, the Hazelnut Swirl flavor fusion offers a combination of nutty hazelnut, smooth chocolate, and rich creaminess.

Dorota Dziedzic, the brand manager for Nurishment, expressed excitement about the launch of these new flavors. She mentioned that the original flavors have been popular for over 40 years, making Nurishment the UK’s most popular nutritionally enriched milk drink. The addition of hazelnut swirl and blueberry swirl flavors was influenced by the success of previous flavor fusions.

The unique swirl effect in these new flavors is created by the combination of different tastes to produce creamy and distinctive profiles. Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket group, will now stock these new flavor fusions alongside the original flavors. Priced at £1.55, the hazelnut swirl and blueberry swirl will offer a flavorful and energizing drink option for consumers.

In conclusion, Nurishment’s commitment to innovation and responding to customer preferences has led to the launch of these exciting new products. The availability of these fusion flavors in Tesco stores presents an opportunity for consumers to enjoy a refreshing and indulgent beverage option. Don’t miss trying out the blueberry swirl and hazelnut swirl flavors when they hit the shelves on 8 July.

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