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Milliways Unveils Upgraded Recipe and Fresh Packaging Design

Milliways Unveils Upgraded Recipe and Fresh Packaging Design improved recipe, Milliways, newly designed packaging Food and Beverage Business

Milliways, a plastic-free, plant-based chewing gum brand, has recently unveiled an enhanced recipe for its popular chewing gum line, as well as newly redesigned packaging, in response to customer feedback.

The reformulated recipe promises customers longer-lasting and more intense bursts of flavor, delivering an improved chewing experience across the Peppermint, Mighty Mint, Bubblemint, and Watermelon flavors.

Additionally, the brand’s updated pocket-friendly packaging features a convenient pop-to-open design inspired by the pack created for Pret A Manger. In line with its sustainability commitment, the new packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable, furthering Milliways’ mission to reduce waste and single-use plastic consumption. The brand’s efforts were recognized with a Gold award for sustainable packaging at the Grocer’s New Product and Packaging awards.

Established in 2021, Milliways has emerged as a plastic-free, plant-powered alternative in the gum industry. Following a successful £3 million funding round earlier this year, the brand has prioritized product innovation and R&D to maximize the potential of its seven plant-based ingredients, distinguishing itself from conventional plastic-based gum products containing around 30 artificial and synthetic ingredients.

Commenting on the brand’s progress, Milliways’ founder and CEO, Tom Raviv, emphasizes, “The gum category has lacked innovation and sustainable practices for decades, overlooking consumers’ desire for new and exciting options featuring better ingredients, unique flavors, and sustainable materials. This is the motivation behind Milliways, embedded in our brand’s DNA. Continuous consumer dialogue informs our product development. The launch of our enhanced recipe and new packaging attests to our ongoing commitment to perfection.”