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Limoncello Di Capri’s Cream Liqueur: A Zesty Splash of Irresistible Flavor

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Introducing the new Limoncello Di Capri Cream Liqueur, a delightful addition to the UK spirits market that is sure to excite consumers. Crafted by renowned Italian spirit producer Molinari, this smooth and silky cream liqueur is expertly balanced, combining the tartness of lemons with a indulgent creaminess. As the demand for cream liqueurs continues to grow, this must-have bottle is perfect for home bars, especially during the festive season.

Both the original Limoncello Di Capri and the new cream liqueur are made with authentic Sorrento Lemons from the Amalfi Coast, adding a layer of provenance and quality to each sip. Upon tasting, drinkers will experience the refreshing zest of lemon, complemented by the delicate sweetness of the cream.

Nick Gillett, managing director of the liqueur’s distributor Mangrove Global, commented on the appeal of Limoncello Di Capri Cream, stating: “We love a cream liqueur here in the UK, especially in the colder months where we get a little more indulgent in our drinking habits. So, Limoncello Di Capri Cream is hitting our shelves at exactly the right time. With the rise in home entertaining and even cocktail making, it’s a bottle that can be enjoyed neat or mixed into adventurous new cocktails to level up your serve.”

Perfect for enjoying year-round, the Limoncello Di Capri Cream Liqueur boasts a flexible 19% ABV and can be enjoyed neat over ice or used to elevate a range of cocktails and dessert recipes.

Richard Glover, area export manager for Molinari, shared his excitement about the UK’s affinity for Italian spirits, stating: “Here in the UK we love Italian spirits and liqueurs. And this love affair will undoubtedly continue when customers take their first sip of Limoncello Di Capri Cream. The warming citrus and sweet, rich cream are perfectly suited for day or night tipples and promise to transport you to Italy’s dramatic Southern coastline. Equally as delicious as the original Limoncello di Capri, this is a new way for customers to enjoy the sun-fuelled, pleasure-filled flavor of Southern Italy. It’s set to become a household favorite.”

To get a taste of the new Limoncello Di Capri Cream Liqueur, 50cl with 19% ABV, it is now available on Amazon for £16.00. Don’t miss out on this delightful addition to your spirits collection.

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